berg high

Berg high is a large chair: it draws attention.
It also guarantees comfort, from its reclining
backrest to its soft headrest, which can be
personalised in contrasting fabrics.

/ type of bases

L21/ POUF L27


R13/ POUF R 14



P20/ POUF 17

BERG HIGH R8: W 73 – H 106 – D 79 – HA 58 – HS 43 cm (+o-2,5 cm)

composition:Structure with metal inner frame entirely moulded in cold-cure polyurethane. Seat cushion with a system SPRING PACK, for higher comfort.
* Option WAVE SYSTEM for reclinable backrest.
Weight:armchair from kg 19 to 23, pouf from kg 7 to 9
Required fabric:complete armchair 3,20 m. (h 1,40) only headrest 0,50 m. (h 1,40) pouf m. 1,00 (h 1,40) Other combinations of fabrics available on request.