Elegant shapes and comfort to stand out.
Fabric and wood, combined to fascinate.
A sophisticated base that slims and provides security.
Très chic.

Rivolì tall

Rivoli short

RIVOLI TALL: W 50 – H 83 – D 57  – HS 48 cm
RIVOLI SHORT: W 52 – H 77 – D 56 – HS 49 cm

composition:solid beech wood structure, backrest and seat
in curved plywood with expanded polyurethane
foam, upholstered with fabric.
Weight:Rivolì short kg 5
Rivolì tall kg 5,5

Required fabric:Rivolì short 1,10 m. (h 1,40)
Rivolì tall 1,10 m.(h 1,40)
Other combinations of fabrics available
on request.